April – Month Of Divine Turnaround!


The 4th month means the month of TURN AROUND, month of rest, restoration, healing, deliverance, breakthrough, salvation, peace and also Judgement upon our enemies.

View what four represent in God!

  1. Jesus represent the 4th man in the fiery furnace fire with the three hebrew men, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego Daniel3:25
  2. There are 4 winds of God that blow to the world:
    • Northwind- represent the throne of God, speak of deliverance, authority, power and majesty of God. Ecclesiates1:6, Job37:22
    • Westwind- It speak of restoration, healing. God used the westwind to clear the locust in Egypt Exodus10:19
    • Eastwind- it speak of Judgement over our enemies, also to clear every obstacles standing on our way. God use the power of eastwind to clear the red sea away and turn it to dry land for them to pass on it, to their land of Glory Exodus14:21. God also use it to brought locust(destruction) into the land of Egypt Exodus10:13
    • Southwind speak of peace, refreshment, salvation, quietness Job37:17.

    The 4 winds of God speak of deliverance, healing, salvation, peace, judgement! God command Ezekiel to prophecy, that the four winds, breathe upon us and live! Ezekiel 37:9

  3. On the 4th day, Jesus raised Lazarus up from the grave; Jesus commanded Lazarus to come out and he did! John11:43
  4. God told Abraham to look at the 4 cardinal points of the land, that all the blessings of the land will come to him. Gen.13:14-15. Number 4 speak of turnaround, abundance and judgement upon our enemies, don’t ever joke with Number 4, it speak of JESUS AND HOLY SPIRIT!
    Without Jesus in your life, you can’t come out of the prison of the devil, without the Holy Spirit in your life, you can’t receive restoration and healing, because God breath upon the dry bones in Ezekiel 37:1-14, so surrender fully to Jesus and have the Holy
  1. Thank God for seeing the month of April.
  2. Confess your sin and let the blood of Jesus clean your soul, spirit and body
  3. Father turn everything around for me, in the month of April in Jesus name.
  4. I command the 4 winds of God to blow over my life and bring deliverance, Healing, salvation, restoration, peace over my life and Judgement over my enemies in the name of Jesus Christ
  5. Father let the power of east wind clear every obstacles standing on my way to my promise land in the name of Jesus Christ
  6. As Lazarus came out forth for the world to see, I speak to my glory, my life, calling, blessing, joy, marriage, business, children, prosperity, breakthrough, salvation, holiness, spiritual life, to come out forth in the month of April in the name of Jesus Christ
  7. Father since no death can’t stop Lazarus, father anybody that want to stop me from rising and shinning in the 4th month, father silence them in the grave in the name of Jesus Christ.
  8. Father with your outstretched arms take me out of the prison where the enemy has cage me in the name of Jesus Christ.
  9. Father I look to the north, south, west east and I declare that all the blessings in the 4 corners of the world shall locate me now in the name of Jesus Christ.
  10. Father every curses they have placed upon my life from the 4 corner of the world, north, south, west, east, I break it in the name of Jesus Christ
  11. Father all the ministering angels you have assign for me, begin to bring my blessing for me in the month of April in the name of Jesus Christ.
  12. Father in the month of April, let me know you more, let me love you more, let me serve you more, let me win souls for you more in the name of Jesus Christ.
  13. Father whatever in my life that will not let me make heaven, take it away from my life by force in the name of Jesus Christ.
  14. Father write my name in the book of life and let me make heaven by your mercy in the name of Jesus Christ.
  15. Father thank you for the month of divine turnaround!


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