About Us

The Visionary:

Courage Igene is known for his practical biblical teaching, his visionary leadership and his passion to help people know Christ, get planted in God`s house and raise up an endtime army. His ability to communicate the truth of God`s Word in a humorous, dynamic and revelatory manner helps people understand the Bible and how to apply its teachings to their every day lives. He is Founder of Joshua Generation Ministries (JGM) & Senior Pastor, All Nations Churches.

He organizes Nationwide Healing Rain Crusades where he travels across America and the nations getting souls saved and getting many healed set free from the powers of hell; He conducts weekly Live Telephone Prayer Conferences; 641 715 3865. Access Code: 280701# (See prayer line page for details). He empowers many around the world through his quarterly Online Joshua Generation School of Ministry (JG SOM). His books are very inspiring, revelatory and a must have. They are; “Lessons from The Furnace of Affliction, God`s Weapons of Mass Destruction, 100 Reasons Why I Hate Poverty & Revelation & Relationship”

God has anointed him with an unusual healing and prophetic grace which flows on this commission and many are blessed wherever he goes.